sâmbătă, martie 15, 2008

Juan Munoz...

Juan Munoz came to international prominence in the mid-1980s with sculptural installations that place the figure in architectural environments. He described himself as a storyteller, and often arranged his figures and objects in carefully staged configurations that hint at unsettling and ambiguous scenarios. The way that the viewer encounters a work of art was important to Muñoz. He was fascinated by the tension between the illusory and the real, using tricks of scale and perspective to choreograph the viewer’s experience.


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Liliana spunea...

Superbe creatii!!!
L-am "cunoscut" pe Munoz vara aceasta la Bilbao, in Muzeul Guggenheim, unde s-a concentrat intreaga sa creatie, in prima retrospectiva mondiala.

Opera lui te marcheaza,rar mi-a fost dat sa reflectez profund in compania unui ansamblu sculptural.
Nu este numai sculptura, e filozofie. Filozofia vietii...